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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Chop, Chop by Simon Wroe and My Books to Be Read

A friend of mine told me about this book (“Chop, Chop”) back in November 2020.  He finished it and just loaned it to me this week so I’ve only started reading it.  It’s about a guy who takes a job in a suave gourmet restaurant in London because he has bills to pay.  It reads like a memoir, but it seems to be fiction.  It has a unique and wild group of characters.  I only started this book so I am intrigued.  I am not what you’d call a foodie, but this seems to cover the goings on in a fancy chef fueled and run kitchen sort of like a behind the scenes documentary in words.  

I am still reading “The Book of Air and Shadows” and a few poetry books and one non-fiction book.  I just finished a young adult fantasy book, too.  Seems I’m always reading or reading reviews of books to add to my reading list.  My current google doc of books to read that I started compiling last summer is already up to 2 pages.  This doesn’t include the five piles of books (in various locations in my home office) I have yet to read or the ones on my wish list to check out of the library or on hold waiting for a copy from the library.  You can never have too many books!  

UPDATE:  I just didn’t like “The Book of Air and Shadows.”  Great concept.  Poorly written.  I give it 2 Stars.  “Chop, Chop” was a very fun read.  That one gets 4 stars from me!

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