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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Pirate Latitudes and Magnificent Vibrations aka Pirates or Religion?

My Dad and I read everything Crichton wrote and saw all of the movie adaptions of his more popular books.  “Sphere” is one of my favorite books.  I didn’t much care for the film.  The adaptation of “Congo” was pretty good and I liked the book.

I love the water, the sea, almost everything about it so it’s no surprise I’m finding a Crichton book about pirates fun to read, more or less.  This is a fiction book, but it reads like non-fiction in some respects.  I’m having a nice time with it, so far.

The other book I’m reading, besides poetry magazines and books, is “Magnificent Vibrations” by Rick Springfield.  I have always wanted to see him in concert, but never have, I do like his music and his autobiography so I decided to read this one, too.  It’s a satire on religion - very unusually done and entirely unique.  It’s a nice contrast to the more serious Crichton book.

I’ll have to see which one I end up liking better.  Pirates or Religion?  It certainly makes for an interesting choice!

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